Epoxy glue maintenance

Ok, somewhat off-topic but I didn’t know where else to turn… Does
anyone have a trick for preventing their epoxy glue tubes from
LEAKING all over the darn place? No matter how tightly I try to close
the lids they just never seem to really seal, and every &%*$&#! time
I end up with a mucky mess. I mean, every set of tubes I’ve had for
the past 10 years has done this. Is it just me? I know that part of
the problem is the pressure the stuff is under, so when the caps come
off a ton always oozes out, but surely there’s a fix. Anyone?

Sticky in San Francisco

Does anyone have a trick for preventing their epoxy glue tubes
from LEAKING all over the darn place? 

Hi Sticky :-). This doesn’t exactly answer your question but . . .
My problem used to be that I put the caps on so tight (in order to
prevent stuff from oozing) that the tubes would get squeezed and
twisted when I tried to remove the caps – which merely served to
increase the pressure and cause more oozing. The solution is to put
a little vaseline around the threads the first time you open the
tubes. The lubrication makes a HUGE difference!


Hello Jessica, I haven’t found Hughes Epoxy tubes that much of a
problem but If you use epoxy frequently I would suggest you try the
Hughes large bottles rather than the tubes. They are plastic squeeze
bottles with hinged caps that plug the hole, much easier to use and
measure equal amounts but they may contain more than you can use.
Epoxy does become less efficient with age.


I very rarely use the tube epoxy. When I do and I am finished I
withdraw the plungers slightly then set the tubes vertically in a
spot with the open end is up. Lee

Well Sticky, You know this is a conspiracy fostered by the glue
companies to drive jewelers crazy…We started using the two part
epoxy that comes in a syringe, seems to alleviate this problem. Karel

Hello Jessica After you finish using your epoxy try to pull back a
little on the stoppers or unroll a little the end of the tubes. This
releases the pressure that causes the glue to seep out.

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady)
K.I.S. Creations
May your gems always sparkle.

I, too, have an on-gong love-hate thing with my epoxy tubes.
Solution I found is to wipe the tip before replacing cap, then putting
both tubes in a small plastic bags. I also like to use latex gloves
now and then, keeping my hands from getting all mucked up,


    Ok, somewhat off-topic but I didn't know where else to turn...
Does anyone have a trick for preventing their epoxy glue tubes from
LEAKING all over the darn place? Signed, Sticky in San Francisco 

Hello Jessica, a.k.a. “Sticky”. I prefer epoxy in the plastic squeeze
bottles (about 4 oz. each?). You can dispense even the tiniest
amounts and I often put the bottles in my hot ultrasonic solution so
that it flows like water and sets up quicker. Not only do they not
leak (as long as they are kept upright) but the caps don’t get glued
on to the tubes. Try a store that has a crafts department, or a
crafts specialty store.

David L. Huffman

I do inlay of 24k sheet into fossil Ivory and so have used much
epoxy. Every epoxy I have used gets gloppy. It has to do with the
epoxy gremlins. I have been using UHU epoxy, a German brand made
especially for the jewelry trade. The nice thing about it is that it
comes in a divided box. One compartment for each tube, so that they
do not stick to each other and can be closed off and not get on
anything else. I am not sure whether this is true of other brands.
If you can put a divider in between the tubes this might help. You
just have to live with a little goop. Life could be worse (and often

Sumnersilverman.com (see examples of 24k into ivory, cigar holders,
no less!)

That sounds like a brilliant idea and I’m going to try it. Why then
would tubes of ointment ooze in much the same way and there’s
nothing one can do about it? I know someone who claims he “shakes
down” the small eye ointment tubes in the same manner as one would
shake down a thermometer. I tried this when he wasn’t looking and it
didn’t work. Believe me it didn’t work. I think that the tubes are
designed to hold a certain volume of fluid and they are filled under
pressure. One of those mysteries I guess.

Rio sells an epoxy “Devcon” that comes in two squeeze bottles. It
cost a little more, but well worth it not to have that constant mess
of tubes. I never get that goo on my hands now.


Hi Sticky,

Ok, somewhat off-topic but I didn't know where else to turn...
Does anyone have a trick for preventing their epoxy glue tubes from
LEAKING all over the darn place?

This may not solve your problem entirely, but it should help a

When finished squeezing out the desired amount of product, hold the
tube vertical with the tip up. Wipe the tip of any excess. While the
tip is in this position, withdraw the plunger just a little & replace
the cap. This reduces the residual pressure in the tube. Many times,
it’s the residual pressure that causes the stuff to leak.


Does anyone have a trick for preventing their epoxy glue tubes from
LEAKING all over the darn place? 

Keeping the tubes stored vertically(mine sit in a narrow glass)helps


I don’t mean to over simplify but I would add that along with
pulling back the plunger, store the tubes with the openings up. I
put the epoxy plunger side down, in a paper cup.


Gotcha… I forgot about this thread… Now that you mention it,
that’s sort of what I do: apply minimal pressure to the tube and
just wait for it to ooze out. Unfortunately, there’s a couple of
weird tubes of ointment out there, can’t remember which, that do not
release their contents except with a maximal amount of finger
pressure. I can’t figure out these aberrations at all.

When squeezing tubes of epoxy, glue. ointments, etc, I use a
cautious and gentle pressure, then when I have dispensed enough I
VERY gently squeeze the tube from the two narrow sides. I usually
manage to actually get some of the material to reverse back into the
tube; believe it or not - try it yourselves.

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ

Do you have ‘dollar stores’ or some such over there in the US? Here
I can go into our ‘Poundland’ and get a card containing 12 tubes of
epoxy for 1pound sterling (about $1.50?) - even if I use one tube a
day it doesn’t break the bank!!!

Best wishes,

Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK

I’m an idiot! I got totally mixed up in my previous post. The glue I
get at 12 tubes for one pound sterling is, of course, cyanoacrylate
(super glue) - their epoxy is one Pound for a double syringe. Still
cheap enough not to have to worry too much about wastage though (and
its all good glue!!)

Best wishes,