Epoxy glue maintenance [YAK]

Why then would tubes of ointment ooze in much the same way and
there's nothing one can do about it? I know someone who claims he
"shakes down" the small eye ointment tubes in the same manner as
one would shake down a thermometer. I tried this when he wasn't
looking and it didn't work. Believe me it didn't work. I think that
the tubes are designed to hold a certain volume of fluid and they
are filled under pressure. One of those mysteries I guess. 

Hi Judy. I am smiling as I picture the scene when you "shook down"
the tube and it didn’t work. :slight_smile:

I have a theory about this issue of oozing tubes. The opening in the
tube is small to permit application of more precise amounts than say
toothpaste or paint tubes.

We dispense the tiny amount of product that we need and attempt to
stop at that point but the ointment keeps coming. Dispensing the
ointment involves squeezing the tube. Of course we use our ready
tools, a finger and thumb, but our tiny squeeze simply delivers more
energy to the mass in the tube than is needed.

One approach might be to use the tips of said finger and thumb very
gently at the part of the tube most distant from the tip thereby
decreasing the volume and energy applied to the tube’s contents.
This scientifically proven approach ensures that the quantity of
ointment that continues to ooze will be less than that with the
full-fingered squeeze.