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Epoxy for briolette/bail

Hello All,

I have a 16 ct. sillimanite briolette that I am going to make a PMC
silver cap/bail for and I was wondering what is the best epoxy for
attaching the bail to the tip of briolette.  I had been told
Devcon 2-TON Epoxy S-31 was the best but I am having trouble finding
it, so I as looking for a good alternative.

Thanks, Alex.

Hi, I just got some Devcon S-31 to try it out, got it from a fellow
on ebay. His seller name is hobby_supplies and Washita Blade and Tool
is his store name. is his email in case you aren’t
an ebay person. It’s only 2.86 ea. and he sent it sent it super duper
FAST. Hope that helps you out, Carol

I don’t know if its the Devcon you are looking for, but Indians
Jewelers Supply Company 1-800-545-6540 sells Devcon Plastic Steel
from their catalog. My catalog shows it on page 105. It is 80%
steel/20%epoxy resins and modifiers. I don’t see anything specifying
2-TON Epoxy S-31. So maybe, maybe not.


Sometimes you just have to go to the source.

Find out where they distribute your product. Another excellent
company to work with is MSC.

They often charge less than jewelry supply companies.