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Enough of argentium


Hi all

before I am accused of paraphilia I will post this one and then give
it a rest till I have some photos.

Made my first Argentium solitaires this week, put my price up 20%,
hi David Gellar, sold one as an order and sold the other from stock.
Also sold 4 mobius rings in Argentium today and only sold one in
sterling due to size, the sterling fitted. Discounted the sterling
mobius 25%.

Sterling looks “dirty” next to Argentium just does not have the
shine or colour. I say this as a silversmith of 25 years.

And my sterling is highly polished.

So next market I will take off the Argentium and sell out the
sterling. Or it will just sit there.

But I did mess up on one ring, rushing and over excited. Forgot to
anneal the ring band after rounding and so work hardening the band.
So when I set the bezel into the shank and went to solder it the
shank “relaxed” and slipped. Wow did I have a tantrum or what at my
own stupidity. Full blown cold fury. Lucky my daughter was not on her
bench because “Gee dad you are an idiot.” Does not make me happy, no
matter how true it is at the time.

Any way remade the ring and delivered it today. 7 mm princess cut
lab grown sapphire. And as always very nervous it was the right fit.
It was and the lady loved it.

I actually had customers tell me they would come back when other
designs were in Argentium.

So if you know how to work sterling or fine silver give Argentium a
try, sterling is a thing of the past.

There is no firescale just to start.

Once again thanx Cynthia Eid for getting this started in Australia.
I first thought this was just advertising BS. How wrong was I?

The only thing wrong with Argentium is the wife saying “If you do
not shut up about this stuff I will hit you!” And I just made her an
Argentium ring with a hydrothermal emerald. LOL

I make most of my solitaires with lab grown stones, rubies,
sapphires, emeralds, spinels and of course Swarovski signity cut CZs.
Why? Because they are flawless and the colours are wonderful and they
are a fraction of the price of a natural stone. Cost less than semi-
precious stones and look better.

In 18 kt I use natural stones, parti sapphires being my favourite.
But that is another price range. I used to think 18 kt yellow was the
easiest metal to work but Argentium is just as easy. Work it like 18
kt and you will have no problems.

Showed the Argentium to a jewellery today, he is going to use it for
casting and is thinking of replacing his white gold and platinum with
Argentium. Of course told him about Orchid. He was very excited about

And now Gerry is posting his videos it is complete. No other gem
setter has shared so much, more power to you Gerry. Thanx so much.

all the best



That should have been “Put my prices up 40%.” Not good at maths.

all the best