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Enough heat from EZ propane torch?

I am considering ordering an EZ propane torch which can be used with
the small disposable propane tanks as well as the refillable propane
tanks such as can be used with barbecues. It comes with three torch
tips, and I have been told the large tip could be used for melting
silver for casting.

It has an adapter so that one could use it with the refillable
barbecue type tanks, or with the small disposable ones.

My question is whether or not I can get enough heat with the small
disposable tanks for melting small quantities of silver when doing
casting—usually well under 1/4 troy ounce, or would I have to use
the larger refillable tanks.

I don’t want to have to get the refillable tank unless I have to,
and would prefer using the small disposable tanks. Before I make any
purchases I figured I would ask you Orchidians for advice on this

I already have 3 torches—each of which uses the B size tanks of
acetylene–too big and dangerous to lug around… My main purpose in
getting the EZ torch is that I can tote it around for demos. Hence my
interest in using the small disposable propane tanks.

Thanks for your help. Alma Rands

Hi Alma,

You know, I started out with an EZ Torch, and it was one of the
scariest pieces of equipment I’ve ever owned. It turned out it was
just a lemon and the gas regulation was off, but it would shoot
flames 4’ long across the room upon ignition. I swiftly found the
money to purchase an acetylene setup. This is my only experience
with these – I’m quite sure the one I had could have melted just
about anything I put in front of it. :wink: Perhaps someone here has
some experience with a portable unit.


I melted several ounces of lead with a disposable propane
bottle (about 1 1/2 quart size, not teeny tiny.) with oodles left


Couple of years ago, I took the Granulation Class with Ronda Coryell
at Rio’s Catalog in Motion at Tucson. Each bench was set up with a
small Propane tank and torch unit, and they all worked very well. I
bought the one I used, and also had one from an earlier purchase.

It is not the size of the tank that gives you the heat you need, it
is the torch itself, and that is more than adequate. It is
wonderfully portable, and I also purchased, from Harbor Freight, an
adapter that allows me to use the large Barbecue sized Propane
tanks, to refill my smaller ones. Saves quite a bit of money, and
again is very handy.

I much prefer Propane over Acetylene.


Thanks Teresa for the about the EZ t propane torch. I
will plan on getting the adapter so that I can refill the small
tanks. Frei also offers an adapter so that the EZ torch can be used
directly with the large Barbecu sized Propane tanks.

Alma Rands