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Enhydro Quartz

   Thanks to all Orchidians for the wonderful wealth of information
about  Enhydro Quartz. 

Alan, inclusions with liquid occur in many other non-quartz
crystalline minerals as well as agate geodes. Perhaps the most
unusual example I’ve seen was shown to me by my friend, Bill Vance
G.G. It was a huge blue zoisite (Tanzanite) crystal containing a
wonderful 3-phase inclusion with clear liquid and a gas bubble in a
tube at least 10 mm. long.

To me, the most unusual thing about it was that the crystal was
mostly clean and top-gem blue, which means it probably had to have
been heated to achieve that color. To heat brown zoisite to blue
requires a top temperature in the range of 1000 degrees F. although
some claim long exposure to Tanzanian sunshine can be sufficient. In
any event, it achieved its blue color without exploding and
fracturing the crystal. This specimen took my concept of "enhydros"
to a new level.

Rick Martin