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Engraving tool blanks - Suppliers

Hi All, Right after writing the about the EFB gravers and my personal
favorite graver, I got a half dozen requests on where to find some
of these things… I guess that’s a new lesson - include your

The Lindsay “Carbalt” alloy blank, as well as the “Ultimate” Air
Chasing Graver is only available from Steve Lindsay at - Stocks what I consider to be the best lined
gravers available, as well as a great solid carbide blank. The
"Ngraver" flex shaft power assisted engraving tool, as well as the
GRS tools. Most other companies also sell NGraver tools, or you can
buy direct. - Stocks the GRS products, as well as loose graver
blanks of most types and materials. I bought some whetstones here 25
years ago, that I still use to this day. (Frei-Borel) - Stocks the GRS products, as well
as loose graver blanks of most types and materials.Can’t say enough
good stuff about these guys… they always go the extra mile. - As most of you know, the makers of of the
Gravermeister, and GraverMax, plus a complete line of accessories.
They will sell direct, or you can get what you need from Gesswein,
Frei - Borel, Rio Grande, etc.

Para ustedes que quieren hablar en Portugues o Espanol: Rosenthal
Jewelers Supply. For those of you who prefer to deal
in Portugues or Spanish language - Rosenthal Jewelers Supply. - Loose blanks of all styles and materials, GRS
tools, and the Foredom “PowerGraver”. These are great people in

Standard disclaimer - but I will qualify it. I have done business
with all of these companies (plus a couple dozen more) and in my
opinion all have served me well.

Brian P. Marshall Stockton Jewelry Arts School (Re-opening Spring
2003) 2207 Lucile Ave. Stockton, CA 95209 USA 209-477-0550