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Engraving Machine For Sale (2) in Central MA

Hey guys!! I’ve got 2 UMarq Gem RX machines that I purchased new and have since replaced with a laser cutter and so they just don’t get used. I got them both from Rio Grande and they have everything to engrave flats, wine bottles, pens and inside as well as outside on rings. They have both carbide and diamond engraving capabilities as well as all the software to use. They’re pretty much plug and play.

I’m looking to get rid of them as quickly as possible so I’ll entertain just about any (reasonable offer), I paid Rio’s retail of around $8,000 each.

I have the original boxes they were shipped in so I’m willing to ship and confident they’ll arrive in working order. If you’re in MA and want to pick up we’re also happy to give a tutorial

Here’s a link to the Rio site, this is exactly what I have 2 of :slight_smile: