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Engraving liners numbers

Hi all;

You engravers out there can probably help me. I have to do a little
touch up on some engraving on an old silver picture frame. Some of
the lettering was cut with a liner (what we jewelers call a
"florentine graver". The one used had six lines that cut a path about
1 millimeter wide. Liners have two numbers, the first denotes how
close the lines are, the second how many lines. Problem I have is I
don’t know what the first number refers to. Doesn’t seem to refer to
lines per inch, or millimeter, for that matter. Can anyone tell me
the code? Or at least recommend a liner number that will cut 6 lines
withing a 1 millimeter width? Thanks in advance.

David L. Huffman

David, et al

the FIRST number is the graver width…the SECOND is the number of
lines available… nothing to do with the mm’s…the number and graver
selected, depends upon how FINE you need your engraved finish. The
more space in between the lines will give you a rough and deep cut.
Strive for at least 10 lines per graver width, for optimum finish…
BTW, keep your graver face finely ground with more of a “thin
rectangular appearance”…


Hi David,

A #10 graver with six lines is about 1.1mm. Checking around with Rio
Grande, Otto Frei, Contenti, etc. you should be able to find one. I
prefer the bent liners over the straight as there is less tendency
for slipping. But it is probably a matter of individual preference
and how a person learns the skill initially. Feel free to contact me
off line with any other questions.

All the best,
Joseph Bloyd
JNB Jewelry Studio