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Engraving - I did it!

Hi folks!

I did it! I made an engraved star thingy with a bead center that
doesn’t look like a blind gerbil did it - Yay! I also made a beaded
bezel that doesn’t suck, woo hoo! I’m just amazed, when it the
’right’ way comes to you it is actually easy to make beads. My
engraving so far only consists of straight lines and tiny bit of
bright cutting, but they’re getting to be neater and cleaner cuts.
I’m also learning that a gentle hand gets a lot better results that
brute force. My victories might be small potatoes in the grand
scheme of things, but they are steps forward.

I got a great find through the mail the other day too…I bought
some a set of 6 gravers online for pittance that I assumed were used

  • turns out they still have the mill finish on the faces, never
    sharpened. Cool. Now I need handles. Always something, eh?

Oh, and my husband is in Berlin this week - does any one know of
some cool places to visit that aren’t too far from the Holiday Inn?
Email me offline if you like: @Dawn_Bellemare

Hugs and Happy Valentines Day to everybody :slight_smile:

Dawn B. in Taylor, Texas (where it finally quit raining for a day)
Artist & Mother of 2 kids (16 & 1 yrs), 1 cat (14 yrs), 7 fish & 1
snail, and wife to Matt (18 yrs)