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Engraving "Gaelic"

I would highly recommend contacting master jeweler Wilfey MacManus,
who’s an Irish native and who specializes in jewelry with Celtif
motifs. He’s deeply immersed in Irish language and culture, and if
he couldn’t answer your questions, he could probably refer to you
someone who could.

Wilfey’s located in Berkeley, CA and his website URL is:

By the way the Irish call their language Irish rather than Gaelic,
as in, “Do you speak Irish?”

Kathi Hennesey
Triskelt LLC

There are three Gaelic languages: Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic and
Welsh Gaelic. In which one is your client interested, did they say ?


A very nice expression in Irish Gaelic is

a ghra mo chroi which means “love of my heart”

Michelle is right, there is a difference between Scottish Gaelic
(ga-lich)and Irish Gaelic (gae-lik).

Welsh is a Celtic language also but it is not in the Gaelic family.