Engraver needed - PA or NJ preferred


I’m in need of an engraver who can handle an odd little job. So
far, all my usual suspects have failed me due to the odd constraints
of this one. I have a couple of calls in to some engravers on
jeweler’s row, but they are all off on weekends and mondays, and I
need a quote fairly quickly.

The job is 2 18G sterling “dog tag” style pendants. They are flat,
about 2.5 x 1"

The client wants a single 6-letter word engraved on each (different
words on each tag). They want a script similar to a germanic/olde
english font.

The word should be as large as possible within the design of the
pendant, which will likely mean that the word space is a little under
2" x 1".

SO… For you engravers out there can you get back to me privately
(phone or email) if you would like to quote on this? I’ll need to
know cost and timeframe to complete, as well as where you’re located
(to see if I need to include shipping in the costs to the customer).
I’m in central Bucks County, PA.

Many Thanks!

Karen Goeller
Handcrafted and Unique Artisan Jewelry

Try Ronald Proulx at www.handengrave.com or email at
engraver44@aol.com , phone 973-635-6500. He is in NJ and does great
work. Joel

Joel Schwalb