[England][Workshop] Hydraulic Press workshops

Hi, Just a note to say that I will be teaching a five day workshop
surveying hydraulic press techniques on the 20 ton press----all the
new ones, and the old ones too—in Birmingham, England from June
28-July 2. I think there are 7 students at the moment-- a nice size
class, but with room for more. You can probably find out more by
contacting the University of Central England in Birmingham

Or, go to

Or, e-mail Dawn, at Julie.Haden@uce.ac.uk (she took over Julie’s
job, and is still using her e-mail.)

I’d love to have some Orchidians in class! also, I will be arriving
in Birmingham on Sunday, June 27----I have no plans! Is there an
Orchidian who lives nearby who would like to have dinner, or
something that day?

Also, Anne Hollerbach will be teaching a five-day intensive survey
course on the 20-ton hydraulic press and tooling from July 12th to
the 16th at the Sir John Cass Department of Art Media and Design at
London Metropolitan University. There are still spaces available.
Contact Alan Craxford [craxford@lgu.ac.uk] for further information
about enrollment.


Cynthia Eid

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