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Engine turning

I would like to purchase an old engine turning lathe similar to that
used by cartier and faberge around 1900 to 1940 . If any one has any
on engine turning equiptment I would appreciate that

Gold Machinery happens to have a small straight line engine turning
machine on ebay right now. I’m sure they have more that that one,
if you miss the = auction.

Engine turning machines include both the lathe type (sometimes
called a “round” machine, and the straight line machines. The lathes
produce round and oval patterns, like watch faces and the barleycorn
patterns on watch backs. The straight line machines, which work more
like a shaper, cut either paralell patterned lines, or radial,
starburst type lines. In many ways, they’re actually a bit more
versatile than the lathes. Check out the Pledge and Altworth web
site, at for more info that you can imagine
on these machines. And feel free to email me if you’d like other
insights. I’ve got a machine much like the one being sold on ebay,
though mine doesn’t have an open slot in the patterns for a
replaceable bar (sigh).

Peter Rowe

There are some pictures of old engine turning lathe in the book,
Daniel Brush, Gold without Boundaries, by Donald Kuspi et al, I am
not sure of the age but they are fascinating.