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End of the Season!

Hello All!


May I just take a few moments of your time and send you a Heartfelt

Thank you for your support and may we all be together next year. I
wish you all on Orchid a most Happy and Festive Christmas holiday.

We are all from many countries and religions, no person is better
than the other. We are all together on this “Worldly,
Merry-Go-Round” but once. I feel it is incumbent on all of us to
help one another. It is a sin not to share ones crafts with those
less fortunate…!

I remind myself of a friend in Santiago, Chile who in his broken
English requested some on Diamond Setting, remember this
story? I, in a moment, sent him lots of printed help. He was a
chemical engineer who had no chance to learn, schools were to
expensive for him. He is a follower on “Orchid”. We were here just
for him. I have thrown out to the group many topics to discuss and
others have done so in the past year.

To read Hanumans’ latest report of “1.6 million searches” in one
year, not too bad,eh? My articles on my web-site are for everyone
to read…gotta tell you another quick story…I had a telephone
call from a lady in California, her mother wanted a single Christmas
present! Nice? she wanted one of my articles Called “Bench Essay”,
this is a 27 page glossary and a compendium of all the tools a
setter needs and it describes how each can be made or used. I
returned the favour again via email…!

To hold the “deck of cards tight against your body” so no one sees
it, is totally wrong, we MUST share our wealth of knowledge to those
who crave it…and we are doing so on “Orchid”.

It is Hannuman who is our inspiration, thank you Dr. Aspler and

To all, enjoy your passion and your chosen work, may it bring
happiness to all. Gerry Lewy! “Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!”
@Gerald 1-877-850-0003 (call me anytime! )