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Enamels in Washingtown DC


My name is Horacio Merovich and I am a hobbist enamelist in
Argentina using champleve and cloisone techniques in copper and

Next week I will visit Washingtown DC.Is there anyone who can
give me some address to buy enamels?

Best regard and thanks you very much


Thompson Enamel
650 Colfax Avenue
Bellevue, KY 41037



One of the biggest:

Thompson Enamel
P.O. Box 310
Newport, Kentucky 41072

Enjoy Washington, D.C.

Ginkgo Designs


Horacio, Hello! My name is Jennifer and I live in Washington-Give
me a call when you get in town and Ill give you some ideas. there
are not many supply places here in DC but I have catalogues and a
couple places I know of. What kind of work do you do? ยง