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Enamelling on Argentium

I've put up a couple of photos of pieces that ere made of
hardenable silver and cracked after being enamelled.... 

Having spoken to Bill, I find the pieces in the photographs are not
Argentium Silver but are a Johnson Mathey hardenable silver alloy
that was sold about 20 years ago.

There appears to be some confusion about hardenable silvers - the
alloy Bill used was an oxidation hardening alloy, Argentium on the
other hand is a precipation hardenable alloy. With oxidation
hardening alloys, you cannot reverse the process once the alloy is
hard. Precipitation hardening alloys can be hardened and softened
as many times as required.

I am not an enameller. I am trying to track down somebody in the UK
who I believe has had success enamelling Argentium. I will post a
message on Orchid when I have more

Peter Johns