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Enamelists Needed

I am in the Southern California area, and am interested in finding an
enamelist to do glass enamel on a small line of patterned ring bands.
I am making samples now, and need someone to help me for these, and
hopefully handle a small production run. Does anyone know of a
company or individual who does this sort of thing? Any Recommendation
highly welcomed - regardless of location! Thanks for all help! Lissa

I get Jeweler’s Circular Keystone Magizine and each year they publish
a Jeweler’s Directory…there are about 25 companies listed under
enameling: Fibula/Daniel Gibbings Jewelry Co. Santa Barbara (805)
962-8851 Lerner SE Co. LA (213)623-9272 Marcel Inc. Studio City
(818) 761-8058 Octavia Petaluma (707) 769-9535 (thought they only
had chickens there) Tienson Engraving & Manuf. Berkely (510)
843-2181 S & M Enameling Co Providence RI (401) 272-0333 (Just in
case 2 from RI) Star Enameling CO Providence RI (401) 421-5528


Hi Lissa!

I am an apprentice to Fredricka Kulicke. She is a goldsmith and also
does beautiful enameling. She may be interested in enameling your
line of patterned ring bands. I believe she would need a little more
detail about your line - what type of metal, etc. Also if you could
provide pictures that would be a great help. Is there a web address
where we may look? Fredricka’s web site is undergoing lots of changes
right now. The last time I checked, she did not have any of her
enameling on the site, but feel free to look at her work (with also a
link to her school site and her email) at . You
can email me off-line at @Claire_Oelkers .

I must say, before I go, that I am ever so grateful for Orchid and
all of you Orchidians, and of course many thanks to Hanuman, who will
soon be receiving a donation from me in appreciation for all his

Thanks to all,