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Enameling white gold

We just took an order for a men’s wedding ring to be made in 14k (or
18K) white gold, a grecian key design with portions of the key to be
enameled with dark blue. The enamel will be a simple champleve
style/ technique, no special finishing or stoning required.

Questions- Would it be better to use 18k white? I don’t know of any
special white gold enameling alloys.

Would it be better to go with resin type “enamel” (not a true
enamel, but a reasonable facsimile)?

If hard enamel, would a transparent dark blue such as Copenhagen
work well on white gold, or would an opaque enamel be better?
Personally, I like the look of transparents much better-- more life.
In this application, I’m not looking to have a bright surface under
the enamel.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Jim Sweaney
Mardon Jewelers