Enameling questions/transparent red

   Incidently, a Japanese company - Kujaku - does make a leaded
enamel that gives a beautiful true ruby red straight on to silver.
I don't know if it's available in the USA but would highly
recommend trying it out. 

Coral Shaffer at Enamelworks carrys a “red for silver” #105B that
gives a transparent ruby red directly on silver. I’m not sure if it
is Ninomiya color. She also carries a transparent pink that needs
no flux undercoat. Order from Coral–she’s very helpful and the
Ninomiya enamels are incredible.

Dear Lisa,

We are currently using a “red for silver” #105B that gives the
beautiful transparent ruby red on silver. We buy direct from the
Japanese company AOKI in Japan. I would really be interested in
getting in contact with this other Japanese company that makes a
transparent pink that needs no flux! Can you give me details for this

Best Regards, Myron

The pink I have is #669, needs no flux on fine silver (copper is
another thing), and came from Enamelworks Supply Co 206.525.9271. I
don’t know anything about it beyond that, other than that the color
is a lovely light pink and very transparent. They also carry a G701C
that is supposedly “the best pink for silver.”


Hi Myron, I think I may not be the Lisa You were referring to,
however it sounds like the Japanese enamels you’re talking about are
Niyomiya, for they have a 105B transparent red. You could talk to
Coral at Enamelworks in Seattle to find out about the pink. She has
an 800#, don’t have it handy, sorry. Lisa – Lisa Hawthorne