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Enameling - Ivory soap in Holding agent

Hello, I’ve heard you need to add Ivory soap into holding agent, like Klyr Fire or Thompson A-3 to enhance the process of enamel sifting and eliminate air bubbles. Do you know why and how much soap you need to add?

hi there,
I have enameled for several years and have never used ivory soap in klyrfire. however I have used surfactants like dawn dish soap which is pretty much the same thing. I don’t think it would hurt anything to do it but holding agents can work just fine without them. I use surfactants very very sparingly on an enamel surface before I apply a decal. I do the same thing before I use a stencil. The enamelist Jan Harrell uses surfactants, you my want to check out her instructional videos at the Cool Tools website. I hope this helps.