Enameling dapped discs in fine silver

After six years of not enameling I fired up the kiln again. I seem to
be stumbling around what used to be familiar territory. To start I am
trying to enamel dapped discs in fine silver. I use lead free
enamels. Each side is a different color and there is a hole drilled
in the center so I can make earrings with these discs. Now I did a
fine job enameling the inside and did all of my enameling on a piece
of mica. When I went to do the dome it seemed to start to go wrong
once I took it out of the kiln. The inside color ran down and stuck
to the mica. I had to grind away the mica and then try and make the
enamel even again. So, I am wondering if there is a technique
problem (I am sifting) and placing the discs on mica. I recall when I
use to enamel with domed items that had a hole I thought I put some
metal through the hole and sort of rigged something up so that the
piece wouldn’t touch even the mica (the difference is that I only
enameled one side previously). I am thinking I used steel but I am
afraid I don’t have any steel wire around. Does anyone think that
nickel would work? The kiln is firing around 1450-1550. I am also
having a tough time keeping the temp at 1450, but the kiln and I will
work that out. Another idea, do you think that I just applied too
much enamel to the inside of the disc? Should I apply a layer one
side at a time?

Thank you!
Kim O’Brien