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Enameling conference questions

Hi, Is anyone else planning on going to The Enamelist Society 8th
Biennial conference this fall. Better yet, has anyone (Coral?)gone in
the past and can you tell me the best place to stay. There are many
choices and I have no idea where most people stay. Any help would be
appreciated and I look forward to meeting any other orchidites

Northern Illinois

Where is the conference located?


 Is anyone else planning on going to The Enamelist Society 8th
Biennial conference...tell me the best place to stay.  

I attended the previous conference in Canada (Crossing Boundaries),
alternating conferences will apparently be held at Arrowmount. I’ve
never been there, but the literature from the conference 4 years ago
showed rooms there on campus. I think that would be the best bet as
there are normally evening slide shows and shop talk. I’ll be attending.

The conference is at Arrowmont. Gatlinburg, Tennessee in October.


    Where is the conference located? 

The International Conference on Enameling sponsored by The Enamelist
Society will be held Oct. 5-6, 2001 at Arrowmont School of Arts and
Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN. Pre-conference workshops are from Oct 2 -4
and post-conference workshops are from Oct 7-9. Registration for the
conference begins April 1. Registration form should be available in
the next issue of Glass On Metal or by calling the Enamelist Society
at 859-291-3800. as reported in the February 2001 N. CA
Enamelist Society newsletter.

In an e-mail message from Judy Stone here is the info about the show
for that conference:

Color + Reflection: International Enamels 2001 Sponsored by the
Enamelist Society in conjunction with the conference at Arrowmont.
August 14 - October 13, 2001 Deadline: April 15 Call above number
for prospectus. You do not have to be an Enamelist Society member to
apply to this show.

Louise Gillingham, San Diego CA @lgillin1

Karen - I have been to only one conference but it was also held at
Arrowmont - I stayed on the grounds and it was really lovely. I
shared a room with another enamelist from San Diego. The pre and post
conference workshops are given on the grounds and you can work until
midnight - if you stay “on campus” it is much easier to stay and work
if you wish - I stayed in the “barn” - basic but fine - shared
bathroom. There are more luxurious accommodations “on campus"
including private rooms with their own bath. There are several hotels
nearby - sorry I do not recall the names but anything that is within
10-15 minutes walking distance should be fine. Right outside the
"grounds” is the town - and a small river runs through it - most of
the other hotels are right on the river (really a stream) - it is very

I am not yet sure whether I am going this year but hope you have a
wonderful time. I am sure there are other Orchidians (sp) who can add
regarding the accommodations.

Sherry - San Diego