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Enameling: Color value charting

Lurking out there is somebody who has probably already done this
…but may not want to admit it… Question: Has anyone created a
gray scale value chart for their palette of (old) Thompsons leaded
enamel test strips ? If so, how have you taken advantage or
maximized your use of it ?

Thank you in advance.

Mark - I’ve never made an actual gray scale value chart but I have
made test color charts - ie, lots of the old Thompson leaded colors
laid out in grids with each color on copper/flux/silver/gold so as to
compare the effect of the metal/surface on the color at issue and
then I use a simple quilter’s device to look at each color to
determine its “value” - that is, it’s relation to other colors on
the gray scale so as to assess what colors to use in what
combinations. I know that the fact that we are dealing with glass
and that light responds differently to glass surfaces than it does
to fabric surfaces may make my process ineffective but it has worked
for me. Are you planning to do grey scale test strips??

Sheridan Reed