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Enameling cast parts

A friend of mine has had parts cast for a bracelet. They were made
out of 18g. sheet wax with a lip so that the central part (about 2
cm.) could be filled with enamel. The parts are then jump ringed and
soldered together with a pencil torch. It seems I have seen similar
work that was not counter enameled. However, when she has tried this
the pieces have cracked fairly swiftly. Does it help to reduce the
stress if the pieces are slightly convex? How about if the pieces are
thicker? Maybe similar work I have seen were set with a bezel or done
with colored epoxy instead? One would make the piece very expensive
and the other does not appeal to her sense of aesthetics.

Any ideas you have to share about this would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. She is member of the new Great Lakes Enameling Guild that has
just started in the states bordering the great lakes in the
midwestern U.S. as am I. If anyone is interested please contact me
directly for

Your question is not easy as you have not stated all the melting
temperatures and the type of soler you are using.

It seems to me that their is an easier solution. A cold connection.

Heavy gage rings you don’t have to solder or use two rings for the
connection if they are of a lighter gage.