Enamel supplier in an Asian country?

Dear All,

Some of my grade 12 Art I.B. students have discovered enameling on
copper for some of their jewelry pieces and are very keen to develop
this art/jewelry method. Problem is the only enamel we have at the
school is very low grade stuff we ordered from a school art supply
catalogue from England. In no way am I implying England doesn’t have
high quality enamels just that is where we are allowed to do our
supply ordering is a supplier for average school classrooms.

So my question is there any enamels powder for sale in any of these
countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam or India. I can get
someone who is traveling to buy some for my students final jewelry

Hope someone knows.
Sharron in at the moment very cold Dhaka

Hi Sharon,

The thing I would worry about most for purchasing enamels out of the
country would be the LEAD content. Many enamellists still use lead
based enamels, and it does seem to me that the colors from the lead
based ones ARE more brilliant, but they have more health risks in
the use of them. (Not for the wearer, once fused they are safe to
wear, but the risks are very real in the breathing of the particles
while you enamel). Because you are in a teaching environment, you may
want to consider this risk carefully. And I know that countries
outside of the United States do not have restrictions in the use of
lead like we do, so you may not even know what is in the enamels once
you purchase them. (Remember the whole "Lead in children’s toys
fiasco of last year!)

That being said, I would direct you to Thompson Enamel at:

This is who I trust for all my enameling supplies. They are priced a
little higher than some, but their products are of VERY GOOD quality.
I was referred to them through my professor while in school and trust
their products. They are friendly, treat you very well, are VERY
informative when you call with questions, and I have relied on them
for 7 yrs now.

Happy Metalsmithing!