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Enamel/silver base substitute

Hi there, does anybody know of a pure silver brush on product that could possibly be a substitute for silver foil as a base over copper in enameling?

Drew, the acid plate type chemicals only put on a very thin layer. Typically the galvinic process ends or slows down as soon as the base metal is covered with the plaiting. That burns off, or does not provide a good enough layer to prevent the copper from effecting the enamel. If you are looking for bright colors you can put a white base layer. Thompson make a sprayable white. Fire. Then you can paint black lines and after that is fired translucent colored enamels can go on top. The black shows through the translucent and you get bright colors with high contrast. Then you can add a small cheapo silver bezel cup with a chunk of enamel and fire that on top just till the chunk melts and the top rounds out. Just like with soldering hard medium then soft layers…

Cheers Marty