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Enamel exploded - How to remove from inside kiln?

So I had a wee accident with one of my enamel pieces, and there must have been a little pocket of moisture left in it. There was a popping noise, and when I removed it from the kiln I noticed it had shot a bunch of little enamel particles out and it had coated the walls of the kiln, and the kiln shelf. Now, the kiln shelf was coated with kiln wash, so that was easy enough to remove. However, given I’m an idiot, I hadn’t coated the inside of the kiln with said kiln wash.

I’m only going to be using the kiln for metal clay from this point in, and likely selling it at some point down the line as the main reason I got it was for enameling but for health reasons I can’t do that. Is there a way to safely remove these little bits of enamel, or are they there for the long run? Is it likely to damage the kiln?