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[Enamel Bits] Toxicity of enamels+ price

Mostly that's true.  The exception would be enamelware that's
designed for food use, or other environments where there may be
exposure to acidic environments. These (such as fruit juice, etc.)
can leach the lead content back out of the glass (enamel).

Hi, sorry about not going far enough with my comment (it was the
first paragraph above.) When asked about food use in my bowls I
tell people that i believe them safe for dry food
consumption…as a fruit bowl, pretzels, nuts, etc…although
most people don’t use them for food. Thompson Enamel has a
statement in their catalog which reads:

“We do not recommend the use of our enamels for food contact
surfaces. Although they are very acid resistant and do not
contain lead, their final food safe propertiees may depend on
enamel application and firing. Each such item made from them
should be individually tested to determine whether or not it
apsses current F.D. A. regulations. This process would probably
be too costly for the average artist.”


Thompson has had a fairly large price increase just take effect.
They havn’t raised their prices in a while and this increase is
due to the cost of ingredients…they also discontinued at least
one or more colors due to inavailability or materials needed…you
may want to get a new catalog.