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[Enamel Bits] Thompson Workbook

To answer Karen’s question, I do not see a section in the workbook
covering Luster. One problem with the Workbook is that it has no
directory or index, every page must be turned in searching for a topic
or reference. Thompson must be asked directly, person to person, in
order to get an updated catalog from them. They do advertise new items,
books, etc. in Glass On Metal. They often submit discussions of
products to Glass On Metal. The Workbook refers the reader to issues of
Glass On Metal instead of repeating the in the workbook.
Thompson seems to prefer that the customer apply lots of effort before
they will part with Part of that attitude may be because
they consider this a very small part of the larger company. I’m
guessing here, as they probably won’t tell us without heavy
interrogation! I suppose parting with on products is only
beneficial to them when done in a publication such as Glass On Metal. I
found out about the Workbook when I requested a “new” catalog in
conjuction with an order that I had placed. I haven’t read the most
recent issue of Glass On Metal, so don’t know if there is an
advertisement for it in there. 20

Glass On Metal will provide a back issue listing and free sample issue
for individuals considering joining the Enamelist Society. You must
write to them at: The Enamelist Society, P. O. Box 310, Newport, KY
41072 or call them at: 606-291-3800. Concerning Lusters, I know there
was coverage on them in one of the issues (can’t put my hand on it at
the moment). I think membership, with 6 issues of the magazine is
$45.00 now. I did find a web site for Glass On Metal, which has some
photos & the membership I just had Alta Vista or Hot Bot
look for Enamelist Society, I didn’t keep a page marker for it. 20

Sometimes it seems I spend a lot of time running to ground
in the pursuit of enameling. Orchid Forum is heaven sent for the free
exchange of & discussions.