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[Enamel Bits] Sterling enamel repair

Hello, I have a vintage sterling enamel brooch with a maple leaf in
the center that has come loose. It looks as though it was originally
soldered onto the back. I’ve been told that it cannot be re-soldered
without damaging the enamel. Are there any other means of repair that
might work, ie epoxies, etc? I really love this piece and would like
to wear it. I can scan it if anyone would like to see what the
problem looks like.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Evalynne, There is always a way to repair anything. Does the
maple leaf have a bit of tubing on the back that passes through the
pin. If so, can this tubing be flared while it is in position? Or,
perhaps, it is time to consider soft solder. There is also the
possibility of laser welding. Scan it and, if you would like, send it to me. Tom Arnold