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[Enamel Bits] Out of print books


I purchased Seeler’s book by having someone do the search for
it. I had this person search for several books for me with very
good success. I’m sure there are web sites dedicated to book
searches, and will also do searches for you. Bill
Hayes can be reached at 503-717-1477 or by Fax at 503-717-1478.
(He’s in Oregon, & I found his business card at a book store). I
am simply a satisfied customer. But I also believe the tiny
advert pages of trade mags. you might locate a person or group
willing to search for out of print books. I used Amazon for the
Enamel boxes book I wanted, and it really didn’t take long. The
copy of Seeler’s book ran a mere 27.50 when purchased in 1997. I
think it languished in a library somewhere.

Eileen Schneegas
Middlesex, England
Snow Goose Designs, Metal & Enamel Art


– what is the enamel boxes book that you got. I am very
interestd in making enamel boxes.