[Enamel Bits] Lead exposure in enameling


I just wanted to make a quick comment to those of you enameling
with leaded enamels. We had a conversation about this some time

I do many enameled wall pieces and the backs are all
counterenameled with leaded enamels, before this I worked with
jewelry and used all leaded enamels, I do wear a face mask (fiber
with the little yellow cap on the front because the heavy
canister type give me a neckache) but no gloves…lead can gain
access through skin said my doc.

I recently asked to be tested for lead and the test came back
very low…as in, low for the general population even. I plan on
having a follow up in a year or so…but thought it might be
worth mentioning. Have it done, it may not be as bad as you fear.

Karen, in Sunny Northern Illinois (Okay, sunny and 70 one day,
snowing and 32 the next)