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[Enamel Bits] Kiln Suppliers [Was: enamel suppliers]

Dear Rene & Others…

My kiln was bought from Vcella Kilns, below…I have dealt with
Phil, nice guy.

Vcella Kilns
171 MACE ST # B 
CHULA VISTA,  CA  91911 
(619) 427-2550

I am really happy with the kiln, it has a firing chamber of about
15 1/2" square. I had to have the wiring changed in the basement
due to the requirements of such a large kiln, but I suppose that
would have been nescesary with any manufacturer. It holds heat
very well and seems pretty energy efficient compared to other
models of similar sizes I have used. They have a kiln minder you
can get as an extra. The fire brick insulates enough that if I
shut down the kiln at 5 p.m. one day it will be back up to temp
in less than an hour the following morning. I am not sure what
that means to the rest of you, but the last really large kiln I
used at school tool 4 hours to get up to temp! The whole room it
was in would be roasting by the time it was up to temp. I have
to fire for a long time to really effect the general temp of the
room around me.

They are pretty nice folks and seem flexible about customizing
things to fill your needs.

Hope this helps,

Karen, just west of Chicago, IL…it was 74 today and they are
calling for the lower fifties tommorrow…can’t wait for the
leaves to change.