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[Enamel Bits] How do you do your beads

    Hello, In your tourch fired enamel beads, how do you get the litttle
copper tube to be enameled to stay on the mandrel?  I'd really like to
know how you do the beads.  

Nancy use kiln wash - you can get it any Ceramic studio or supply like
Leslie in Okland. Ca. I coat the mandrel with it - just mix with water &
paint away, I also fill the end of the tube with it, it disolves in water.
you can also buy Stainless steel rod from welding supply house the dia. of
the tube if necessary grind down the steel, so that the tube will slip on,
if you use the kiln wash be careful not to get it where the enamel goes, or
accidentally get it in the enamel as the enamel will leave a pit in the
bead - wish you could get to Salinas, Ca. I do give private lessons in
Chain making & Torch fired enamels