[Enamel Bits] Enamel fixture

I am doing a piece of plique a jour piece ( like stained glass) with
a very undulating shape. So i can’t use a plain copper retaining wall
fixdture to hold the enamel in while firing and I will have to mold
it and cast it.

The problem is that copper doesn’t cast well. Is there another metal
that I can cast and etch away without harming the gold? Or maybe
you have other ideas as to how to do this? Thank You, John

HI! What you can use, yes, it is expensive, but enamel doesn’t stick
to it. Use heavy gauge platinum foil. This is what they use in dental
labs when they are doing porcelain work on bridges. I have used it
over and over for years. Just use your thumb to press it up against
the underside and it usually holds well. not only that, but the
transparents come out really clean and not contaminated by the copper.
You could also use a heavy silver foil, but then have to use acid to
remove the foil. With the platinum you just peel it away. Think I
still have some laying around in the shop somewhere. Pat