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[Enamel Bits] Cloisonne technique and supply


Sir, I love your magazine it has the best articles and the paper is
grand… making it feel just right also… It also has soooo much
. I would like another copy if possible as one of my
friends in South Carolina could use your artilce… She’s Jean Stark a
fantastic enamalist and doesn’t get your magazine but bet she will

Caroline Gangi
32 Evans Rd.
Cresskill, NJ

Just paid a dollar a copy for the “backs” of your articles on bench
tips and the platinium pages… It is expensive hope you can leave a
separator inbetween the articles so i dont have to get the pages
copied again… Expensive… But worth it…Thanks again… for
listening… tried to see you at the NYC MJS show in NY but no one was at your booth??