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[Enamel Bits] Book Note

Found a book in the library which would be of interest to
enamelists. “English Enamel Boxes: From the Eighteenth to the
Twentieth Centuries” by Susan Benjamin, Orbis Publishing,
London, first published in 1978, reprinted 1980, 1981, 1983. It
is now out of print, but I’d think your local library could find
a copy. has found me a copy for purchase. The
contents are history & techniques of enamelling, manufacturing
processes, a discussion of the various areas (Battersea, London,
Birmingham, etc.) where these were produced, and more. It makes
interesting reading for anyone obsessed with enamels. A rich
history with notes as to where one might find some of the “lost”
processes. I’m in a unique position of perhaps being able to
find some of the original texts here in England, so I may just
be off on a research adventure!

The ISBN is: 0 85613 038 9 in case that will help your search
for a copy to read.

I’m spending this week MOVING into our house here! Oh joy, tons
of boxes to open & a new “studio” to organize, so I can get back
to work-fun.

Eileen Schneegas
London, England

Hi Eileen:

Your note about the “English Enamel Boxes” reminded me that I
have an older book entitled “English Painted Enamels” so luckily
found it on my overstuffed book shelf.

It states “Originally published 1951 by Country Life Ltd.
Copyrighted by the authors Therele & Bernard Hughes 1951”. The
edition I have was published in 1967 by The Hamlyn Publishing
Group Ltd., Hamlyn House, The Centre, Feltham, Middlesex. No
ISBN number listed. Printed in Czechoslovakia by Tisk,Brno. The
only color illustration is the Frontispiece, showing pieces from
the collection of the late Queen Mary. All other illustrations
are in black and white. Perhaps you might be able to come across
a copy over there.

Best wishes,
Phyllis Richardson