[Enamel Beads] annealing beads

I am currently designing a new line of cloisonne enameled beads
(new to me). When I saw this thread on the use of vermiculite
vs perlite and annealing the bead it sparked my interest. I
have been having trouble with the beads I have made getting


I make enamel beads on copper tubing using a torch. It’s very
different from cloisinne techniques. I don’t know if my methods
would help you or not. But I can tell you I can make beads as
big as marbles with no cracking. All I do is keep a crockpot
full of vermiculite next to my bench. When I’m done with a bead
I let it cool just long enough to get a hard shell (so the
vermiculite won’t stick or dent it) and then drop it into the
vermiculte and bury it. When I’m done with my beadmaking
session I turn off the crockpot and let it cool down completely
before sifting out my beads.

One note: You CAN actually get the vermiculite TOO hot. I’ve
had beads come out pitted from the vermiculite if I let it get
too hot. I use the low setting on my crockpot now, rather than

Pam East <@Pam_East>

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