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Enamel artist search

I cannot recall where I saw this woman’s work, but it was wonderful.
She had embedded small diamonds in clear enamel, then set the
enamelled/diamonded piece in a cabochon ring setting.

Has anyone come across a web site or magazine article with work of
this type being done? I didn’t realize at the time I saw it what a
technical achievement it is!!

TIA, Connie

Hello everyone! I believe a member of the Northern California Enamel
Guild is composing a web site/resource listing american enamelists
with photos of their work. The site will be NCEG/resources.html I
believe, but the person who is doing this site has an email address at The site isn’t up yet. If anyone has
problems with this email contact me at @knopp and I can
forward their announcement about this upcoming enamel website.

I think the artists you are looking for call their business Magick
(Fusager Demski Design) and are located in CA; they have a website so
you can check and see if this is the right one. They do diamonds
embedded in the cloisonne enamel.
Donna in VAA