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Employment scene in Vancouver, Canada

Hi all

My boyfriend and I are seriously considering emigrating to Vancouver, Canada from Ireland in the next year or two. What is the employment scene like there at the moment?

I would prefer working as a jewellery designer in-house for someone else or as self-employed/freelance. I’m self-employed the last two years and have other experience - bench work, workshop management, project management, admin, so could work in those areas too.

From browsing job sites most advertised work seems to be retail with the occasional bench position.

I live on Vancouver Island and am familiar with the City of Vancouver.
There is an art college in Vancouver, called The Emily Carr Art College
which teach silver/metalsmithing. There are also two other colleges that
offer jewellery training. Because of all the learning opportunities, there
are lots of silversmiths, goldsmiths, etc., etc. Competition for jewelry
related jobs is, therefore, very competive. Vancouver is also one of the
most expensive cities to live in. Rental units are extremely hard to come
by with very low vacancy rates and also very expensive. Two important
considerations for you.

Thanks Ruth. :slight_smile:

It’s always the beautiful locations that are so expensive. I guess that’s one thing that tends to keep them beautiful.

Actually while it is a nice city, there are nicer in BC (Victoria IMHO). The reason it is so expensive at this time has all to do with Hong Kong money buying up real estate and Canadian immigrant status (Using the ‘investor’ program) more than the view. That being said on the positive side it also means money available for buying high end jewelry J

Kay make an important point here. When folks ask Tim and me where we sell
our jewelry I always say "Well we send our stuff to where the wealthy are."
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
-Jo Haemer