Empiric 18K Red Gold Solder formula


Here in Brazil is not so easy as in USA or other countries. There’s
no stores or retailers, then we neeed to produce our own solders. I
have many solders alloys formulas, some of them I devenloped by
myself sometimes using empiric method.

The problem is get the same karat and color of the original alloy you
intents to solder.

Here’s an 18 k solder formula for 18 k red gold:

  • gold(999.9) - 75,0 %
  • Silver(999.9) - 5,0 %
  • Copper - 12,0 %
  • Zinc - 6,0 %
  • Cadmium - 2,0 %

18 k red gold solder alloy - 100,0 %

You must take care with the meltig points. Follow this steps: 1. -
Using a torch in a ceramic crucible Melt the gold + silver + copper.

    • After this pre-alloy is melt, take of the torch and wait it get
    • Using a plier or other tool, take of that solid but still hot
      piece of metal from the crucible.
    • Put the Zinc+cadmium(in small square pieces) inside the crucible
      under the pre-alloy piece.
    • Reduce the flame torch to a “soft” flame, then melt the
      pre-alloy again slowly. Using this process, the zinc and cadmium
      (low melting points metals) won’t burn.

Christo in Brazil