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Emerald cab

I am looking for a cabbed emerald- it doesn’t need to be a high
grade in a 6x8ish or so size,(doesn’t need to be highly polished or
traditionally cut) I will be setting it in white gold bezel on
sterling silver. Please…if anyone has any idea where I can find
this special stone for a special person- thanks,

Leffler Jewelry

Cindy, Try Kho International, Ltd: (770)491-7150. Mr. Kho does his
own cutting and faceting. (Decatur, GA) I think I did see what you
need at AGTA in Tucson last year. Give him a call. He’s a very
nice man. With that said, he probably won’t remember this customer,
but I always go back to see him and make a few purchases.

Good luck!
Kay Taylor

Cindy, I have three genuine emerald cabochons which might be what
you want:

approx.   7mm x 5mm x 3mm high                .82 carat at $75 per carat.
     "       6mm x 5mm x 3 1/2mm high          .85 carat at $75 per 

" 8+mm x 5 1/2mm x 41/3mm high 1.81 carat at 225 per carat.

all are fairly dark, intense green, and quite clear of inclusions
(although not “eye-clean”) cab emeralds are NEVER eye clean…if the
material is THAT clean, it is cut into faceted gems. I also have
several smaller cabs, some matched. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings

   Cindy, I have three genuine emerald cabochons which might be
what you want: 

I apologize to all Orchidians for posting this to the WHOLE LIST. I
had thought I was sending it to Cindy only. I do NOT want to
unnecessarily ‘commercialize’ the list. David Barzilay, Lord of the

Cindy from Leffler Jewellery wanted to know where to get 8x6 oval
Emerald Cabochons.

Here in England there is a company that would be able to help, I use
them regularly for good quality cabs’ and faceted stones. In there
latest catalogue they have 8x6 oval Emerald cabs’ at =A313.55 (approx
$17). They have a wide range of cabs’ and faceted stones that I
haven’t found anywhere else.

Their details are

Kernowcraft Rocks & Gems Ltd
Telephone: 044 1872 573888 (or if in England - 01872etc)

hope this helps
Wayne Danewood
Dain Studio