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Emerald; a caution

G’day; I have been reading the numerous postings about Fred
Ward’s case with interest and dismay. Of course my sympathies
are all with Fred, BUT: if an insurance company is as nasty as it
might seem, then I would suggest a note of caution in whatever
one writes and makes public about them; I have the impression
that they would not hesitate to commence a few sueings to make a
public “example” of one or two statements they may regard as
libellous if they think it would help a tarnished image. Don’t
forget that America has far too many hungry lawyers who will do
anything to get someone to supply their golfing fees. NZ folk
don’t seem to be as eager to rush into the courts, but the number
of our lawyers is growing rapidly, and I suspect that we won’t be
too long in following the American condition. Just watch it,
that’s all. Cheers,

   / /    John Burgess, 
  / /
 / //\    @John_Burgess2
/ / \ \

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