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Email request

Good morning all I got this email request a couple days ago. Possibly there is someone here who would like this commission.

Good afternoon:

I am trying to find someone who can take some sterling silver I have and make two or more dessert spoons from it. The silver itself has sentimental value to me and is about 16 oz. Is this work that you can do? Or perhaps instead you can refer me to someone who might be interested?

Please let me know. There are no pressing time or other concerns. I am open to all kinds of potential designs and have not settled on anything specific besides a desire to see some text engraved on the spoons.



Brent Caldwell

Duke Law c/o 2018

London School of Economics c/o 2014

University of Mississippi c/o 2010

(228) 424-5784

I would be interested in this commission. I am located in Durham. He can reach me at
Thank you

The goldsmith with whom I work makes gorgeous silver spoons…If interested, please let me know how to provide his contact info to you in a private way. Thanks, Kathleen