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Ellensburg blue

This is my specialty. The true Ellensburg blue is an agate found
only at 2 locations in the world. It is on the verge of hardiness
to be in the gem class. and recently has be considered a semi
precious stone. It is gaining in popularity but hopefully not to
fast because the supply is so limited it could be consummed in a
flash! It ranges from clear-slightly blue to sky blue, and then
to cornwall blue which is a cloudy blue to blue-white, and shades
in between. A truly incredible stone to those who know its
history. Its history is not related in any way to Mt. St. Helens.
How many do you want and how much do you want to spend? It
reminds one of opals in that regard- due to quality etc. It is
very hard to get and very rare in nature. Beware of those who
want to sell montana agate and other impersonators for Ellensburg
blue. I can help others who want to invest in them or to get some
to produce some truly beautiful and unique pieces.

Ed Gage