Elizabeth Ann Tokoly - Jewelry Gallery

EatMetal, Inc.
Hoboken, NJ. USA

My art jewelry is cultivated through math and nature. Geometry in found in many facets of nature. Geometry illustrates relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces and solids. Geometry is a configuration of objects or parts that suggest geometric figures. I observe the phenomena of the physical world. I study natural forms, symmetry and geometry that existed in nature. Nature is organic denoting a relation between elements that fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole. We can decompose nature into isolated bits but it is incredibly special when you look at the bits in relationship to one another. In nature, the whole is viewed greater than the fragments.

The work echoes the gracefulness of organic characteristics of nature. The work has a minimal aesthetic. It exhibits simple lines, primary forms, shapes or structures. The work uses systems, arrangement and distribution of components consisting of more than one part, element or bit. It is an evolution of a form into an object or piece of wearable art.

I construct my work with traditional techniques and contemporary ideas. It is hand crafted in precious metals sterling silver, 18k gold and combinations of 18k gold with patinated sterling silver. I use colored gemstones and diamonds in various shapes.

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Reticulated Quartz Cuff Bracelet

Materials: Reticulated Silver, Crystal Quartz
Dimensions: Size 4 Cuff Bracelet. Depth 1.5in

This amazing stone was found at a collectors’ private show by my gemologist Pieces by Cari in NYC. The stone has a unique roiled effect seen on two faces of the phantom crystal inclusion within the crystal quartz.
She wanted to pair this beautiful stone with reticulated silver to compliment the stone. Reticulation produces a ridged or ripply surface through controlled heating, which would accentuate the stone.
I designed a wide cuff band of reticulated silver to compliment the stunning stone with a chunky triangle wire bezel setting.

Photo credit: J. Gold


Single Linkage Collar

Materials: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 16.5" long

The repeated pattern creates a linkage that explores how a bit or part suggests a geometric figure. The form is simple yet complex when viewed in relationship with each other. It is sterling silver with a pig tail hook and measures 16.5”.

Photo credit: Craig Wallace Dale

Continuous Tetrad Circlet Necklace

Materials: Blackened Sterling Silver and 18k Gold
Dimensions: 77mm x 55mm x 4mm, 25.5" long

The Continuous Tetrad Circlet Necklace is constructed of seven tetrad units made up of two standard 28mm, one petit 23mm and one mini 16mm diameter circlets. It is connected with balled wire pins made of 18kt gold. Each unit’s overall dimensions are 77mm x 55mm x 4mm. The units alternate with mini circlets to create the chain. The length of the piece is 25.5”.

Photo credit: Craig Wallace Dale