Electroplating to prevent oxidation

Fellow Orchidians, I’m currently ; ) involved in a project that
requires the plating of small gold, silver or shakudo objects (
.5 grams + or -) which would enable them to withstand the
investment and high temperature of burnout(1350 F) and not
succumb to the extreme oxidation ( especially the shakudo with
its high copper content) that they are presently exhibiting. What
do you recommend to plate the objects with? I am only interested
in the objects coming out of the burnout process without the
oxidized surface. Any plating will eventually be sanded or filed
off anyway.

Thank you for any help, Peter Slone

Peter Hello! Know nothing about shakudo. However nickel plating
may well withstand casting. It probably won’t be bright, but it
should be intact and protective. Tim

Peter at 1350 F most metals will diffuse into each other. Due to
the very thin nature of plating you will not see any plating left
after a prolonged (a mater of min.) heating to this temp. The
only way to prevent oxidation of your materials is to heat it in
a oxygen free enviornment.


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