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Electroforming trouble shooting


I haven’t been on here in nearly 15 or 20 years, but hello all!

I would like any ideas about my electroforming issues I am coming up
with right now.

I have had it work before, but for the past two weeks, I can’t get a
good electroform to save my life!

I have changed how I attach the object, and ensure a painted
connection. (metal paint/lacquer, yes)

I have widened the attachment

I have a good and controllable rectifier, and run it at about 1.15
for first 15, and then up to 1.2 or 1.3

The lead gets covered with grainy copper the item gets almost no


I upped the V, to 1.3 for first 15, then to 2 for next hour Still
same problem Color is pale pink it isn’t shiny, or any thing like
that beautiful bright copper that it used to be.

I understand I may need brighteners, and all that, but for a bath
only used 2 or three times, that can’t or shouldn’t be the problem.

I have read that the pale pink could mean that the V is too low? But
at 1/10v per square inch, 1.15 should be about right.

Any one have any ideas?

Currently I am stumped. I am going to try a thicker lead wire
tomorrow. I am hoping that expanding the path for the current may
help it travel the item to be formed. However, these same items
formed beautifully last time I tried, (a few months ago)

Thanks all