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Electroforming bath electrolyte


In the article “Recent Developments in Electroforming”,

a mentioned method for 18k gold electroforming is Auruna 568
EF-18.I’ve some question about this method.

1 -For electrolyte solution:15gr/litre gold+ 5gr/litre sliver +
10gr/litre KCN I want to know if these ingrident shuold be combined
with 1 litre of water or we should add some acids or any other

2 -I could not find any other sources on net about this method.How
can I have detailed about this method.


Ahmad P

The article mentioned is more of a technical spot light on the
process, it is NOT a how to do tutorial.

You need to do much more research and get real training. Mixing KCN
and any acid is something you attempt only once. 8-(

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